NDDC Boss, Others Steal N750bn through Phony Contract in 3 Months, Director Boasts of Capacity to Pay N10billion bribe.

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A gang of rogue contractors in collaboration with corrupt elements at the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, have fleeced the agency of over N750billion within the first three months of the new board,

Pointblanknews.com investigation has revealed.Impeccable sources told Pointblanknews.com that while some of the NDDC funds domiciled at the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, were moved to commercial banks for payment to contractors for phony projects, the rest ended up in the accounts of top management of the agency.

At the center of the fraud, described as one of the most brazen looting of any government agency are the Acting Managing Director, Nelson Braimbafa and his two sons; Christopher and David, Acting Director of Projects, Samuel Ajenkevwe Ajogbe, Acting Director of Finance, Chris Amadi, NDDC Contractor, Nnamdi Okykar, Engr. Eyoh Etteh (Director UIDW, NDDC) Engr. Uno (Deputy Director PMS), Engr. Emeka Ani (Asst Director UIDW), Engr. Abraham Udokwu (Asst Director PMS seconded to UIDW).

Others linked to the monumental stealing are Kingsley Oboh (Asst Director UIDW) Nnamdi Okykar (A chronically corrupt and rogue Contractor to NDDC and is a Non indigene of the    Niger Delta region), Mr Chidi Nwankwo (Deputy Director Finance NDDC), Engr Sese (Director EPC NDDC), Engr. Emma Audu (Dir Bayelsa office) and Engr. Onu (Deputy Director PMS)

According to an insider in the NDDC who want to remain anonymous, the listed individuals connive with the Acting MD and his children to inflate 80% of the non-budgeted emergency road repairs. Emergency Road repairs has become the means of looting the agency.

They are also accused of manipulating approved Bill of engineering, measurements and evaluation and pad same up to the tone of hundreds of millions for each contract. They thereafter share these padded sums and invest same in choice properties.

Sources in the agency told pointblanknews.com that Director of Projects, Mr. Ajogbe, who boasted of his intention to pay N10billion bribe to the Presidency to have him confirmed as substantive Managing Director of the NDDC, sells off back dated award letters for sums ranging from $80,000 to as much as $200,000 per project.

According to sources within the NDDC, part of the N750 billion was allegedly shared by Prof Nelson Brambaifa Ag. MD/CEO, Mr Chris Amadi Ag. Executive Director Finance and Samuel Ajenekevwe Ajogbe Executive Director Projects NDDC and their gang of rogue contractors.

Sources hinted that most of all the appointees were recommended by former ministry of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi.

Giving an insight into how the gang has been operating, a source said “within a time frame of 3 months since this Acting board was appointed through the prodding of Rotimi Amaechi, over N750 Billion have been looted through contract splitting and shared among some of the Directors and the children of the Ag. MD/CEO namely Christopher Brambaifa and David Brambaifa who both serve as Special assistants to their father”.

The source added that they stole and laundered these amounts of money through illegal award of emergency roads projects that are never existent in the budget and with no budgetary provision; over padding of these emergency road projects by tripling the amount awarded as against the actual amount put on ground for these emergency projects; and award of various programmes and concepts that clearly do not have any use to the suffering people of the region and also not budgeted for.

“Sam Adjogbe also used the fictitious water hyacinth water ways clearance awards to steal billions early this year from the federal government by back dating all such awards to the period of Nsima Ekere led Management to outsmart and outwit Brambaifa and Amadi in the looting of such funds. A clear case of dog eat dog between them.”

Sources added that another rogue Director, Chidi Nwankwo who most recently was promoted illegally to a Deputy Director above his superiors, owns a sprawling 7 bedroom Villa with elevator system situated inside Golf estate in Port Harcourt valued at over 550million Naira

Nwankwo also owns a Hotel called El-Eldera on stadium road worth N2billion. Sources told pointblanknews.com that he forces the NDDC to patronize

Multiple sources confirmed that one Nnamdi Okykar, a rogue contractor serves as the conduit pipe used to funnel illegal funds from the NDDC through shady contracts. He uses ESCOBAR NIGERIA LIMITED and DAIMOND N’ DSKY among others to loot the commission via padding emergency road projects.

“In a particular instance a road was awarded to him whereby the expected cost for fixing the stated road is not more than N110m. This criminal that parades around the city of Port Harcourt calling himself a pastor connived with top Directors and padded this same road with over N300m which they all shared.

According to the sources, “It is on record that he is being paid over 800million now using these two companies for payments of these padded emergency roads repairs. We urge the investigating bodies to demand a list of all projects handled by this rogue contractor and an independent quantity surveyor engaged to evaluate what is on ground as against what he has been paid in the last five years.  We dare say what will be discovered would rattle the presidency to the extent the NDDC might be placed under a sole admin going forward and this rogue contractor jailed, and all assets seized from him to serve as a deterrent.”

Sources also revealed that one Kingsley oboh has been involved with contract racketeering with past four different boards after he served as defacto MD when his elder brother Chris oboh held sway as MD/CEO.

He is said to be the virus that always infects all incoming boards and management with the skill of looting through padding non budgeted jobs with billions of naira.  According to a source, “he is chronically corrupt and would not stop at anything to make illegal money and soil a decent board or management team by teaching them how to manipulate the bill of engineering, measurements and evaluation and also introducing the rogue contractor Nnamdi Okykar to these board and management members.”

Oboh is said to have illegally influenced the award of over 27 contracts to himself. Findings reveal that Eyoh Etteh, Abraham Udokwu, Emeka Ani and Onu of PMS are the tacticians that prepare these doctored

Bill of engineering measurements and evaluation for the rogue contractor Nnamdi okykar to use to steal money from the coffers of the NDDC and thereafter share the proceeds.

It was also revealed that Engr. Sesse allegedly specializes in removing youths shortlisted to be beneficiaries of the NDDC water hyacinth projects that the FG sets aside to empower thousands of youths, replacing them with his cronies and companies where he gets 50% kickbacks from every slot given.

“He shares his loots which runs into hundreds of millions at the end of the day with his corrupt boss Nelson Brambaifa, Brambaifa kids, Sam Adjogbe, Chris Amadi and their retinue of girlfriends,” a source in NDDC told Pointblanknews.com

Another collaborator in the looting of NDDC is Engr. Emma Audu who served under the embattled former Executive Director, Projects, Tuoyo Omatasuli, as Technical adviser. He is alleged to have used his personal company to corner consultancy awards to the tone of over N3billion to himself.

Sources hinted that “He compromise the system when he held sway as Director PMS by approving padded emergency road repairs for the criminal contractor Nnamdi okhar who served as a major conduit pipe for these rogues.”

Engr. Onu, another member of the looting cabal in NDDC, is  “an unrepentant chronically corrupt element in the NDDC who has a penchant of bullying contractors into paying a percentage of what they earn to him and the cartel thereby forcing them to reduce the quality of projects executed to satisfy his corrupt needs. It would do well for the security agencies to investigate this man and his accounts and bring him alongside others listed in this petition to justice for the sake of the masses of the Niger Delta region,” a source said.

Pictures shows Acting MD, Nelson Braimbafa, Rogue Contractor Nnamdi Okykyar, signpost bearing the name of one of the contractors, a road repair valued for N110million which was inflated to over N300million, an invoice for one of the inflated contracts for road repair and a building belonging to Chidi Nwankwo in Gulf Estate, PH, valued at over N550million