Two other witnesses, Yau Yusuf and Buka Buka Petrus yesterday afternoon also testified for the petitioners with complaints that the election was characterized by wide range of violence culminating in the tearing of results sheet by an agent of the APC in Bauchi.

Yau Yusuf, in attesting to claim of rigging, harassment and intimidation of voters, said election results was torn by a particular agent of the APC in the presence of INEC officials at INEC headquarters in Daas  Local Government Area and yet nothing was done.

He claimed that the results announced by INEC was a reproduced copy, adding that the police took the torn copy with a promise to prosecute the perpetrator. He however said that the perpetrator is still walking the streets of Daas as a free man.

After the end of cross examination of the 28th petitioners’ witness, Justice Garba adjourned further hearing till tomorrow, July 12, 2019.

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