Aliyu Gwarzo’s Tirade: Nigeria’s Unity is an Illusion, No Basis for Unity, Fani-Kayode Fires Back.

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Former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has described Nigeria’s unity as an illusion, stressing that there is no basis on which the country can claim to be united unless it is restructured.

Kayode who was reacting to a piece by Aliyu Gwarzo, denigrating the people of southern Nigeria, expressed shock at the latter’s diatribe filled with insolence, hate and arrogance.

Gwarzo had said that the North is born to rule Nigeria as the country is a gift from her forefathers and described the Southern Nigeria as a conquered territory. He also vowed that the North has seized power and will never release it to the South until the next hundred years.

According to him, “The problem with you Southerners is that you can never understand the North. We are a mystery to you and you cannot comprehend us despite all your boasting that you are better than us. You claim to be educated but in fact you are uneducated and uncivilized. What do you know about education and what has it done for you? Every Fulani whether from Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Niger, Chad, Cameroon or anywhere else is our brother and has a right to be here with us. We are Fulani before Nigerian and our allegiance is to our Fulani brothers all over West Africa more than you.

“Now we will conquer south and we do it in the name of “one Nigeria”. In that “one Nigeria” we shall remain the masters and you shall remain the slaves! None of you are going anywhere. Nigeria will never break. We will not allow it. You see the most effective chains are the invisible ones. We already have you in those chains but you just don’t know it. We took our power back in 2015. We will not release it to southerners or unbelievers again. Not in the next 100 years!

“We Fulani toss a small bone to you from our table and you betray and fight each other like dogs for it. You crawl before us and beg us for crumbs. That is your lot in life. You are nothing more than beggars. Cowardly and contended slaves! Just like your fathers served us, so you shall serve us. Just as you serve us, so your children shall serve us. And just as your children shall serve us, so their children shall serve us.”

However, the ex minister stated that Aliyu who is a cousin to the late Alhaji Ismaila Gwarzo, National Security Adviser, (NSA), to the General Sani Abacha, had refused to learn from history and has allowed delusion and lust for power to take control of him.

“I read your words and I shook my head in utter disgust. Such insolence! Such arrogance! Such hate! If you are incapable of learning from history are you also incapable of learning from the ancient scriptures and the Holy Books?

“The problem with you is that you have allowed your delusions and lust for power and control to get the better of you. You and those you speak for are truly lost. You threaten and boast as if you are God, forgetting that He alone has the final say. You are not the first Fulani to speak like this and you will not be the last. A man called Hassan Kontagora said similar things many years ago and where is he today? The south is still standing and despite all we are not yet conquered!

“With apologies to William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, permit me to say this: yours is a sorry tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!

“Nigeria is not one, has never been one and will never be one unless and until we firstly learn and accept the basic and fundamental principle that all men, regardless of race, religion and circumstance of birth are equal before God and secondly that we must restructure and devolve power from the centre to the six regions and zones.

“Failure to do this will eventually result in the implosion and violent break-up of the country sometime in the not-too-distant future. Why? Because no matter how hard you try oil and water do not mix, because slave-masters do not remain slave-masters forever and because slaves do not remain slaves in perpetuity.

“The truth is that we are not one and we can never be one. The difference between us is like the difference between night and day. Is it any wonder that millions say that our country must either restructure or break? Is it not obvious that our claim of national unity is an illusion and that it is bogus and false.”

Adding that any effort to conquer the Southern part of Nigeria will fail, the former minister also condemned Gwarzo for his comparison of education and civilization in the South with the North, stressing that the former is far ahead of the latter in all ramifications.

“Can injustice prevail against justice? Does the suffering and captivity of the righteous last forever? Can the children of God be enslaved or subjugated in perpetuity? Can our God ever abandon us and hand us over to you? Can darkness overcome light? Though we may weep through the night does our joy not come in the morning? Is our God not faithful and is the vision not for an appointed time? Your threats and boasts make me laugh.

‘Is this not the way that Goliath boasted before David in the field of battle? Do you think that our God, the God of David, is no longer alive?

Is this not the way that Pharaoh boasted before Moses in the halls of his palace? Do you believe that our God, the God of Moses, has gone to sleep? As long as Jesus sits on the throne you will never conquer southern Nigeria! You can try but you will continue to fail.

“You have the nerve to talk about education and civilization yet the bitter truth is that you are an uneducated Almajiri whose ancestors were still mounting and riding camels and donkeys whilst mine were at the best universities in the world.

‘My great grandfather was at Furouah Bay College in Sierra Leone which, at that time, was part of Durham University.  Where was yours?

My grandfather was at Selwyn College, Cambridge University. Where was yours? My father was at Downing College, Cambridge University. Where was yours? My brothers were at Downing College, Cambridge University and Georgetown University respectively. Where were yours? I was at SOAS, London University and at Pembroke College, Cambridge University.  Where were you?

“I really do not know what education or civilization you are referring to because you have neither of the two.  You, your forefathers and your successors are still living in the stone-age, riding camels, loving and worshipping cows, stealing other people’s land in the name of cattle-herding, butchering your fellow-human beings and slaughtering your compatriots. Who is more educated and civilized between me and you and between mine and yours? Do you even know the meaning of these words?

“We love but you hate. We seek the light but you seek the darkness. We believe in life but you believe in death. We delight in peace but you delight in war. We crave for progress, stability, security and prosperity but you lust for anarchy, chaos, bloodshed, destruction, terror, conquest, power and the perpetual domination and subjugation of others.

“I ask you again, who is more educated and more civilized between you and I and between your people and mine?  Can there be any fellowship between light and darkness?”