EKITI IPAC Demands For The Expenditure Of Funds Allocated To Each Local Government Area In Ekiti State.

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…Claims Ekiti People Could Not Feel The Effect Of Local Government Administration In The State, Despite Given An Autonomy.

 …Writes All The 16 Local Governments Chairmen.

In a Letter written and signed for the Inter-party Advisory Council, (IPAC) by the Chairman of the Ekiti State chapter, Ifedayo Iyaniwura which a copy was made available to the newsmen in Ado Ekiti has demanded for the expenditure of funds allocated to all the 16 Local Governments Areas comprising Ekiti State, from the respective Local Government Chairman to be made public immediately.

According to the Letter dated 16th of June, 2020, which was sent through an international shipping, courier and packaging services, DHL, to each local government Chairman in Ekiti State said that, “to ensure transparency and to aid in the attainment of Sustainable Development  Goals for which the Local Governments Areas are primarily responsible for the delivery of the populace, we request that a breakdown of the projects carried out and other sundry expenditure made from the allocation received from Federation Account be made available to the public immediately, in which we also demand for a copy.” This according to the Letter.

Also goes further that, “it is not in doubt that autonomy has been given to all the Local Governments Areas in the country and we are sure that the Ekiti State Government is acting in compliance with the Executive Order. A request which according to the Letter is also brought under the Freedom of Information Act, and desirous that the request will be expeditiously met with a response.”

Meanwhile, according to the Statutory Conglomeration of all the registered political parties, the Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC) Chairman, Ekiti State Chapter, Ifedayo Iyaniwura who signed the Letter with authority when contacted to know the basis of this action which may likely end in Court since it’s being brought under the Freedom of Information Act, if not attended to stated that, “as public, it is high time we held our Officials Accountable and Responsible. According to him, this decision flies in the face of the ethical responsibilities that public officials have to uphold. Using government positions to enrich one’s self is not only unethical, but illegal. And without oversight, corruption and fraud will run amok in our society. Therefore it is imperative for the Public Officials to be held responsible and accountable by the Public.

The Ekiti State IPAC Chairman, Ifedayo Iyaniwura goes further that, ” it is noteworthy to know that, accountability is one of the central tenets of public service. Government officials are responsible to the public, so when they misuse their power to help enrich themselves and provide friends with special favors, they are not only to be asked questions, but need to face the consequences. Also said, “primarily, accountability is the fundamental prerequisite for preventing the abuse of power and for ensuring that power is directed towards the achievement of efficiency, effectiveness, responsiveness and transparency in the business of the government, it is therefore mandatory for the public to enforce it. “Over 2billion naira monthly are alloted to the 16 Local Governments Areas in Ekiti State from the Federation Account. This, averagely amounts to over N13billion naira since their inception in office.”Further action shall be made known to the public in due course.” This according to the Ekiti State IPAC Chairman, Ifedayo Iyaniwura.