The National President of Ikwuano-Umuahia PDP Youth Forum Hon. Emmanuel Dikeogu Nwoko has said that the member representing Umuahia Central State Constituency and the Majority Leader of Abia State House of Assembly Hon. Chinedum Orji has fulfilled his campaign promises.

Conducting journalists round the projects embarked upon by Hon. Orji in Primary and Secondary Schools within Umuahia Central Constituency Hon. Nwoko said the campaign promises by the majority leader to renovate schools in his constituency have been fulfilled. “All the renovation of school projects embarked upon by Orji has been completed.

“At the world bank model primary school 1 Umuahia, borehole project has been completed and water is running. School chairs and desks, he promised have been delivered. All the projects at Ugwunchara primary school 1 and II have been completed. Two class room blocks in the school have been completed and pupils will now read under conducive atmosphere. At Amuzukwu Girls Secondary School II, the renovation of a storey building has been completed, drilled borehole and completed the construction of toilets for students and teachers”.

“In Urban 2 primary school Umuahia all the class room blocks that were in disrepair have been completely renovated.

Also, he donated and installed electricity transformers to urban ward III by Palm Lane Extension and Amuzukwu community even as he has graded roads in low cost housing estate Umuahia. This road was so dilapidated and today, it is now an access road and the resident of the area are happy”.

“Senator Theodore Orji has also done well. At urban mission nursery and primary school Umuahia the Senator has completed the renovation of three class room blocks embarked upon by him. He has also completed the perimeter fencing of the school compound.

Renovation of class room blocks and boreholes at St. Stephen’s Primary School and Loritta Primary School has been completed”.

“Apart from renovation of schools, Senator Orji has given 180 youths scholarship undergraduate level. Hon. Chinedum Orji has also given 36 youths scholarship and has empowered 150 youth with cash to enable them start business”.

“Both Hon. Chinedum Orji and his father have done visible things people can see. They don’t have need to do campaign for 2019 re-election.

Nwoko who is also the coordinator of Ikuku direct touch said Hon. Orji now touches the lives of his constituents directly. The massive renovation of schools in Umuahia Central State constituency by “Father and son will increase enrolment of pupils and students in the next session.